Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Questions

How were the teams competing at The MAJORS selected?

The selection process was based on reviewing the results from several MAJOR competitions held over the past one to three years and looking at the overall historical success of these programs.

How can I watch The MAJORS?

Advanced tickets will be sold. If tickets are still available, on-site tickets will be sold to The MAJORS. Fans are highly encouraged to purchase tickets prior to the event. The 2017 MAJORS will sell out.

How is The MAJORS connected to JAMfest Super Nationals? Can teams compete at both?

JAMfest is organizing The MAJORS and has selected Indianapolis and JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals to be the site of the event. The MAJORS is an independent event and there is no relationship between the teams competing at The MAJORS and teams competing at JAMfest Super Nationals. Finally, teams who compete at MAJORS are not eligible to compete at Cheer Super Nationals.

When will The MAJORS take place?

Friday, January 20, 2017

Where will The MAJORS take place?

The MAJORS will take place in the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

What will actually take place at The Majors?

Each team participating in The MAJORS will compete one time. Rankings and awards will be presented immediately after the competition takes place that evening. The MAJORS will not only include amazing competition, it will feature awesome production, exciting team stories, interviews and more!

Is there a tie-breaker policy in place for The MAJORS?

  1. The team with the fewest deductions (both safety and technical) will be declared the champion.
  2. If both teams have equal deductions, the team with the highest Performance score will be declared the champion.
  3. If both teams have equal deductions and the same Performance score, a ballot will be created with both teams' names and judges will select the team they feel should win. The team with the most number of votes on this ballot will be declared the champion.